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What is CRNA Swag

• For female CRNAs! • Quarterly subscription delivered right to your doorstep • It's Christmas 4 times per year! • Make yourself a priority YOU’VE EARNED IT, YOU DESERVE IT, YOU’RE WORTH IT!!
My Promise

I have been a practicing CRNA in central Arkansas since 2004. I understand the daily struggles of the female CRNA, establishing her presence in anesthesia, while at the same time creating a healthy, fun, and loving home life. My goal is for you to make yourself a priority, so that you have plenty of love to give. You are an exceptional woman who has accomplished much and deserves to reward herself! I am not going to send cheap stuff that sits on your shelves. I am going to send products you will want, use, and consume. These products will be new to the market, desirable, trendy, tried and true oldies but goodies, and everyday useable stuff. It won't be a bunch of junk!! What are you waiting for? You have EARNED this! You DESERVE this! You are WORTH IT!