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A special giveaway for those who are already members of CRNA Swag


How would you like to receive something extra in your next CRNA Swag box, above and beyond what you normally get?

And you don't have to do a thing!!

I recently traveled to Orlando Florida to attend a subscription conference, the SubSummit.  Who knew such a thing existed?

What I came away with is that the subscription business is all about EXPERIENCES!



  • Each quarter ONE LUCKY LADY will receive the CRNA MEGA SWAG BOX


  • It will include that quarter's Swag box contents, items curated specifically for the Mega box, and popular items from past boxes.  The possibilities are endless!  


  • The winner will be completely random!  You won't know who it is until it arrives at their doorstep!! 


  • I will randomly draw one shipping label out of a hat and that label will be placed on the Mega Swag Box!  


  • Once the winner sees that CRNA Swag Mega box sitting on their doorstep, I hope they get their camera ready and record a box opening for us to share on the CRNA Swag Facebook page. 


  • I will create a video showing you the contents of the CRNA Mega Swag Box for that quarter and post it to the CRNA Swag FB page.


  • This will cost you nothing more than what you are already paying for your subscription.


I am offering this EXPERIENCE in appreciation of the female CRNAs who are rocking this anesthesia community!!

I hope you love this idea because I am loving creating it!!

If you want to be in on the CRNA Mega Swag Box EXPERIENCE, then get on the waitlist sis!!  The cart opens quarterly and fills up FAST!!

And if you are already a member of CRNA Swag, GOOD LUCK!