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CRNA Swag - Elevate Your Life by Prioritizing Yourself First!"

Welcome to CRNA Swag – where your bustling life gets a touch of ease and a dash of style.

Think of this as a finding some balance in the chaos;  the career hustle, the mom life, the everything-in-between chaos.

But here's the deal – it's time to carve out a space just for you.
CRNA Swag is more than just stuff; it's a reminder to put yourself first, with a bit of flair.

In the midst of this whirlwind, we invite you to take a moment for yourself. Picture a space where your well-being is not just acknowledged but actively prioritized.

So, let's press pause on the chaos, upgrade your everyday, and explore how embracing a bit of self-prioritization can make all the difference.

Ready for a positive change?

Let's dive in.


If you join NOW, then I will send you the Holiday Travels Box this month.
Then your next billing cycle will be February 2024

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  • Seasonally curated themes
  • Quality on-trend items
  • Shipped directly to your doorstep
  • Specifically for the female CRNA
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I love it all!!  I will use the cup and the charger the most.  No! I'll use everything the most!
Michelle H.

I love the cup, bag, and towel the most!  I love CRNA Swag Day!
Shannon L.

I got my box today and I love everything in it!
Thanks so much,
Mindy W.

First bag for me and I love all of it!
Gabrielle D.

The beach bag works perfectly for the "baseball mom" bag.  Used it twice already.
Dayona D

How does it work?

  • Put the quarterly subscription in your cart and check out. 
  • You will receive a confirmation thanking you for your purchase via email.
  • We will package and ship your order.
  • Every 3 months you will be billed and we will ship you another box.  Easy enough!
  • You can cancel at any time before the next billing cycle. 
  • Once subscribed, you'll create an account on the homepage so that you can control your account including credit card information, billing and home addresses, and cancellation. 

Check out some of our past boxes



The Fall Leopard Box

Embrace the bold allure of leopard print featuring a Leopard Neoprene Crossbody bag with a trendy guitar strap, a 20 oz Leopard Skinny insulated tumbler, and Gold filigree and fringed leather Feather Leopard Earrings. Show your playful side with a “Professional Gas Passer” Leopard magnet, and the Mac blade badge or lapel pin. Stay cozy in style with a Gold rechargeable hand warmer.



The Winter Indulgences Box

Eperience the pure luxury of this cozy cashmere scarf and pair it with the stacked beaded bracelet set.  And how about some humorous fuzzy socks?  Elevate your skincare routine with nourishing goats milk soap and a set of goats milk lotion – featuring a scented bottle and an unscented sample. Complete your spa session with a chic headband, a sequinned cosmetic bag, and enhance your skincare regimen with a collagen neck, lip, and eye mask. As a bonus, enjoy two revitalizing foot masks.



The Americana Summer Box

Embrace the start of summer with the CRNA Swag Summer Box! Crafted with Americana charm, this collection is designed to accompany you through sun-soaked days by the water. Pack your essentials in a spacious blue and white nautical striped beach bag, lay back on a large microfiber beach towel, and stay refreshed with a stylish 24 oz studded tumbler. Ensure your devices are always ready for action with the included 5000 milliamp power bank charger. Treat yourhair with the luxurious Raha silky hair elixir, and adorn your ears with  Americana-inspired flip flop earrings. Don't miss out – grab your summer essentials now!



The Ultimate Work Bag

Treat yourself with our incredible quarterly subscription delivering the perfect Ultimate Workbag right to your doorstep! This chic bag boasts a neoprene crossbody phone pouch, two cable organizers, a CRNA pink rhinestone heart badge reel, locker magnet, stacked guitar bracelet set, silver filigree heart necklace, and a silicone beaded wristlet wallet. Elevate your workday essentials with this thoughtful and stylish self-gift!



The Winter Houndstooth Tote Box

Indulge in self-care with our exclusive quarterly subscription box, thoughtfully tailored for female nurse anesthetists like you. Elevate your collection with stunning and practical items—no mere shelf-fillers here! Treat yourself to a chic neoprene Houndstooth tote, a stylish 12 oz insulated "Sippin Pretty" wine tumbler, and a sophisticated 12mm hematite beaded bracelet. You've earned this moment, so go ahead and revel in a touch of well-deserved luxury!



New Year's Resolution Box

Welcome the new year in style with our January 2023 Yearly Beginnings Subscription box. Discover a carefully curated selection of items designed to keep you motivated and organized. This box includes New Year resolutions, a neck fan for refreshing moments, an inspirational water bottle, a soothing bath bomb, an invigorating shower steamer, a self-care journal, an astrix pen holder, a stylish Sedation Whisperer hair scrunchie, and a rejuvenating matcha face mask. Refresh your mind and body, gearing up to conquer the year ahead with this ultimate subscription box!



The Hot Pink Leopard Summer Box

Dive into summer with a splash of fierce style courtesy of our Hot Pink Leopard Summer Box. This exclusive collection is tailor-made for the adventurous CRNA who craves both comfort and bold aesthetics. Leopard Print Stanley Insulated Handled Tumble,  large Multi-Colored Leopard Beach Chair Towel with Electronic Pockets: Elevate your beach day experience with our vibrant, leopard-printed beach chair towel.  Exclusive CRNA Monogrammed Tie-Dyed Hot Pink Baseball Cap. This Hot Pink Leopard Summer Box is the epitome of bold and vibrant summer essentials. Don't miss your chance to make a statement and embrace the wild side under the sun. Order now and let your summer adventure unfold in style!

tale of 2 tees box.png__PID:3f28f2e9-a568-422c-b1c7-591887a59d4f


The Tale of Two Tees Box

Unveiling "The Tale of Two Tees" CRNA Swag Subscription Box: Elevate Your Style, Elevate Your Comfort! Embark on a style journey with our exclusive CRNA Swag Subscription Box – "The Tale of Two Tees." This thoughtfully curated collection is more than just apparel; it's a celebration of your unique CRNA spirit. Two Specialty T-Shirts. Whether you're in the midst of a demanding shift or enjoying a day off, these tees seamlessly blend into your lifestyle. Cotton Crochet Shopping Bag: Embrace eco-friendly chic with a cotton crochet shopping bag. Perfect for your daily essentials, it's a stylish and sustainable accessory that speaks volumes about your commitment to both fashion and the environment.  Locker Magnet: Add a touch of CRNA pride to your workspace. Stacked Beaded Bracelet: Elevate your accessory game with a stacked beaded bracelet, thoughtfully designed to complement the colors of your specialty t-shirts. A stylish expression of your unique CRNA style. Collagen Under Eye Gel Pads: Treat yourself to a moment of self-care with collagen under-eye gel pads. Rejuvenate and refresh after a demanding day, and let your eyes sparkle with renewed energy. "The Tale of Two Tees" CRNA Swag Subscription Box is more than a box; it's an experience crafted for the CRNA who values both style and comfort. 

holiday travel box.png__PID:ad290e03-2f56-4119-8145-d22f3df3874e


The Holiday Travels Box

Introducing the CRNA Swag Holiday Travel Box, thoughtfully crafted for the jet-setting CRNA in you. Uncover the essentials for your holiday travels with this curated collection:  CRNA Monogrammed Weekender Bag: Elevate your travel style with a chic weekender bag adorned with your exclusive CRNA monogram. Designed for both convenience and flair, this bag ensures you travel in style.  Packing Cubes: Stay organized on the go with practical packing cubes. Maximize space and minimize hassle as you effortlessly organize your essentials for a seamless travel experience.  Travel Size Jewelry Case: Safeguard your jewelry in transit with a compact and stylish travel-size jewelry case. Ensure your favorite pieces arrive at your destination untangled and ready to wear.  Makeup Case with Chenille Lettering: Unveil a makeup case like no other, featuring chenille lettering spelling out "FACE." This chic and functional case adds a touch of glamour to your beauty essentials, ensuring you look your best wherever your travels take you. The CRNA Swag Holiday Travel Box is more than just luggage – it's a statement of your unique style and professional pride. Order now and embark on your holiday adventures with swag and sophistication.

What's it cost?

Let us help you prioritize yourself with CRNA Swag!  
The cost $67 + $9.97 S&H quarterly.  That adds up to only $307.88 per year.  A small amount for making yourself a priority!
The items are curated just for you, the female CRNA.
Our subscription offers the flexibility to cancel anytime before the next billing cycle, ensuring you have the freedom to curate your swag experience on your terms. Join now and indulge in the excitement of receiving a personalized box filled with stylish surprises that won't break the bank!